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Using the expertise and experience of experts, Radox Industrial Group(Pezhvak Radin Sanat Danesh) started its activities in 1998 by designing


and manufacturing automation and robotics of production lines, then by


producing CNC machines and launching automation of the country's automobile production lines


(Peugeot 405 production machines. .Samand  limousine. Peugeot 206. Peugeot 206SD. Renault


L90. Peugeot RD. Pride. Mazda 323. Loader. Grader and ...).


It continued to operate with the highest quality and lowest price.


Right now


Radox(Pezhvak Radin Sanat Danesh) Industrial Group is currently operating as the main hub for


the production of CNC machines in Iran and the Middle East,


so that the products of Radox Industrial Group reach more than 14 types of CNC products.


For the first time in the world, it has been designed and manufactured


and has no similar domestic or foreign counterparts.


UNDER WATER PLASMA.WATERJET cutting machines on CNC pipe with a diameter of


2 meters and Khamoot Zan CNC are CNC products of Radox Industrial Group,


which were designed and produced for the first time in Iran.



In terms of quality, the products of Radox Industrial Group(Pezhvak Radin Sanat Danesh) have the ability to compete


with reputable brands in the world, which has led to the products of Radox Industrial


Group to countries such as Turkey, Qatar, Amara and Greece.


Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iraq, Syria, etc. to be exported.







The Radox Industrial Group Certificate is registered in the field of industrial production


by registering more than 17 inventions as a knowledge-based company.


Among the valid certificates of the Radox Industrial Group(Pezhvak Radin Sanat Danesh), the following can be mentioned:



CE standard products


- ISO 14001 :2015


- ISO 100004 :2018


- ISO 45001 :2018


- ISO/IEC 25001:2014










Some of our customers


CNC equipment of Radox Industrial Group(Pezhvak Radin Sanat Danesh) in shipbuilding industries.


Aircraft manufacturing. Automotive. Cement production.


Glass products. Power plant production. Refinery.


Petrochemical. Oil and gas equipment, etc. are in operation and used.


For example, among the customers of Radox Industrial Group,


the following items can be mentioned in different appendices:


Oil and gas industries and
cementBuilding and housing Power plant
 and refinery
Steel factories and
Stone and façadeAutomotive
 Fateh sanat kimia

Arak …
Heavy structures
Zabol Cement
Cement and ... 

Paydar  metal structure
Pars arrow and
Idea payer
 Zagros and …
South Turbine
Hamadan Power Plant
Shahriar Turbine
Iran Transfo and …
Azerbaijan Steel
Saveh profile
 (Safa pipe and rolling)
Diamonds (Alborz Steel)
Rolling and steel parts
 and ... 
Ianian radiographer
Iran Khodro (Tom Irankhodro )
Saipa (Sazeh Gostar-
Research and innovation of Saipa and ...)

Hepco - Addition and ... 







Proudly proud of the products of Radox Industrial Group(Pezhvak Radin Sanat Danesh),


its products are re-purchased by more than 50% of customers for the third and fourth time.


The products of Radox Industrial Group(Pezhvak Radin Sanat Danesh) have a 5-year warranty and 15-year after-sales service for 24 hours.


Another advantage of Radox Industrial Group(Pezhvak Radin Sanat Danesh) is the high variety of products. Free training for device users in Germany.


The quality is very high and so on


Radox Industrial Group (Pezhvak Radin Sanat Danesh)currently has more than 4 factories in Iran and Turkey,


which with an area of ​​60,000 square meters is one of the largest and most powerful in its field.


Also, Radox Industrial Group (Pezhvak Radin Sanat Danesh)has its sales and after-sales service office for Customers have set up in Saadatabad, Tehran.






Some exhibitions of Radox Industrial Group (Pezhvak Radin Sanat Danesh) in Iran and the world








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