types of industrial robots

types of industrial robots


Advantages of industrial automation

Increasing production

Reduction in costs

High accuracy and speed of action

Ease of doing things

In this company, the total robotic activities and automation of production lines are on the agenda and joint implementation of Mazda 3 production line automation with Mazda Japan and 206 production line, Samand, Samand Limousin, L90 are among the successful RADOX experiences in this field that can be pointed to it.

Radox works in the form of OEM with the international brand KUKA in the field of robotics, which has led to the design of automation of

production lines with the highest international quality.


Applications of industrial automation

. Automotive industry: testing parts and equipment, spray paint systems, body shaping with automatic presses, drilling, connecting parts.

. Plastic industry: Injectable molding and molding machines, air blowers, production systems and plastic analysis.

. Heavy Industries: Industrial Furnaces, Automatic Temperature Control Systems, Metals and Equipment Used in Metal Melting.

. Chemical industries: mixing systems, material mixing devices with different ratios.

. Food industry: Extraction and packaging systems.

. Machine industries: packaging industry, wood industry, drilling systems, alarm and warning systems, metal welding systems used.

. Transportation industries: cranes, conveyor belt systems, transportation equipment.

. Energy conversion industries: gas pressure boosting stations, power generation stations, control of water pumps, industrial climate purification systems, purification and recovery systems for gas treatment and recycling.

 . Construction services: lifting technology, air conditioning control, automatic lighting systems