Cold metal cutting

This is in contrast to an abrasive saw that grinds metal and absorbs a lot of heat through the cutting material and the saw blade. As metals expand as they heat up, abrasive cutting causes both the cut material and the blade to expand, thus increasing the potential for potential cutting


About steel sheet cutting services

Steel is an alloy composed of iron and carbon and its carbon content is very low. Steel has high strength and flexibility and also looks great among other metals. For these reasons, steel has become very popular among the people


Iron sheet cutting services

Various properties such as reasonable price, abundance and high hardness of metal (iron) have made it more common in other industries than other metals. For this reason, it is produced in different types of cuts in terms of size and thickness. In this article, we will talk about the most used metal in the world and how it is cut, as well as about laser cutting of iron and its advantages over other methods.


Galvanized laser cutting

Galvanized sheets are used to make parts that we use in different parts of life, which is very important and plays an important role in improving the quality of some galvanized sheet products. One of the advantages of galvanized laser cutting is that when you cut, you have a very smooth surface that you no longer need to sand your work surface because the work done is very precise and high quality.


Copper laser cutting

The use of laser cutting has several advantages, including the high flexibility of processing parameters and can also be used for complex geometries with different dimensions. This type of cut affects the surface in the form of thermal stress.


Waterjet cutting CNC machine

The waterjet uses water as a propellant and is mixed in an abrasive to speed up the cutting process. Waterjet cutting glass requires you to be careful when doing the job to do the job as smoothly and cleverly as possible. Even if abrasive waterjets can be supplied with the right tools, they still need care to do the cutting properly. In this article, we have done our best to teach you how to do this.


Cutting CNC machines

CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control. It is a computer production process in which software and pre-programmed code control the movement of production equipment.


Laser cutting CNC machine

Any lysis cutting process can make parts with precision, precision and high quality edge polishing and generally with material contamination, physical damage and less waste than other conventional cutting processes such as mechanical cutting and cutting Waterjet produces.


Laser engraving machine

Laser engraving technology is commonly used to engrave metal parts that are exposed to various types of abrasion or surface treatments.


Introduction of various methods and methods of cutting metals

To help you decide, here are some of the most common metal cutting technologies and approaches. Along with the increasing demand for metal cutting, new cutting technologies are being developed.


Starting a business with a CNC cutting machine

For many novice machine owners, the early days can be an uncertain time when many concerns, such as volume expectations, customer lists, or even plans, have not yet been resolved


Laser cutting technology

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This technology is suitable for use in cutting technology and other similar cases.


How to reduce the cost of laser cutting?

Laser cutting parts are valuable for many industries and are important in various fields from aerospace to applied medicine; However, many companies do not realize that simple choices can significantly reduce their laser cutting costs.


Mistakes to Avoid When Designing for a CNC Machine

Today, the cyanotic device is very widely used and popular. The cyanotic process is a versatile and reliable manufacturing process and is compatible with a wide range of metals.


In what industries is waterjet cutting technology used

The term CNC basically stands for computer numerical control, which means computer numerical control. CNC machines evolved from the NC system, which was


Advantages of using laser cutting to make metal parts

The use of metals and advances in production processes have led to the growth of human civilization and brought us to where we are today.


Are you planning to start a business with a CNC machine? These tips will help you

Starting a business with a CNC machine despite having strong competitors is a very challenging process. The use of CNC machines in various industries has become a necessity, because this machine saves not only time but also costs.However, these devices will not guarantee your success in any way, because in order to step on the path to success, you must weigh all aspects well. We have put together a set of tips that will definitely help you make the right decision.


In what industries are CNC machines used

When it comes to large industries, high accuracy comes first. Many industries need custom parts to advance their goals; This is where the application of CNC comes into play.


Improving the performance of plasma CNC machines with the help of technology

The CNC plasma machine has revolutionized various industries over the past decade. Cutting different materials with extremely high accuracy and at an affordable price are two of the most important reasons for using this machine.


In which industries is waterjet cutting technology used?

The application of waterjet cutting is not limited to a specific industry or specific materials; Rather, a wide range of industries need this technology. Waterjet cutting technology is the ideal solution for materials that are sensitive to high temperatures.


Fiber Laser Cutting CNC Machine Buying Guide

Buying a CNC machine should be considered a huge and important investment; That's why you will definitely need a CNC buying guide. Choosing the wrong device not only wastes your time but also your time.


Cutting all kinds of metals

Sheet metal cutting is one of the most important pillars in the industry. Many devices and accessories used in small and large workshops and factories are prepared in this way.


Introduction of sheet cutting

The method of cutting sheets of steel is different and not the same. You should know that these steel sheets in the black paper industry are the main raw material in the parent industry, which are transported in a coil to the factory and cut from there to the desired dimensions, and finally produce the desired shapes.


Familiarity with steel laser cutting machine and its features and benefits

The steel laser cutting machines that are available in our company are all of very high quality and are considered as the top cnc brands in the world.


Buy a CNC machine with a loan and special facilities of Radox company

In this article, we are going to talk about buying practical devices such as laser devices, fiber lasers, waterjets and CNCs with special loans and facilities that RADOX company provides under its exclusive conditions. Buying machines such as CNC with a loan can be very so-called start-up and can be very effective in the optimal use of start-up capital of related businesses.


What is a Waterjet CNC Machine?

A CNC waterjet machine is a machine that has no restrictions on cutting different materials.


Laser cutting CNC machine and its types

Laser cutting is a technology that uses laser beams to cut objects; And this technology is typically used in industry. Laser cutting is done by using a laser beam from a strong laser output on objects that want to be cut. The part of the object that is cut, or melted, or burned, or sublimated, and removed from the body by the pressure of gas. And finally, the cut surface is created with excellent quality. Industrial laser is used in various industries such as military, construction, aerospace, medicine, laboratory and research, communication, physics, chemistry and...


Plasma cutting techniques

Depending on the type of cutting material, its thickness and the output of the power supply, several types of plasma cnc cutting techniques are used.


Plasma gas

Refers to all gases or gas mixtures that can be used to create a plasma and for its cutting process. The plasma arc consists of two main phases; Initial phase and cutting phase. Therefore, plasma gas is divided into two categories, starting gas and shear gas, each of which differs in gas type and volume flux.


Principles of Plasma Cutting

Principles of Plasma Cutting


Plasma CNC cutting machine

Plasma CNC cutting machine


Differences between laser cutting, plasma cutting and flame cutting (air-cutting)

Differences between laser cutting, plasma cutting and flame cutting (air-cutting)


laser cut

laser cut


History of CNC

History of CNC


Industrial intelligent robots

Industrial intelligent robots


What is a waterjet?

What is a waterjet?


Advantages of CNC and reasons for using it

Advantages of CNC and reasons for using it


Why do we use a laser device?

Why do we use a laser device?


CNC drill

CNC drill


How does a waterjet cutter work?

How does a waterjet cutter work


CNC cutting tools

CNC cutting tools


Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting


History of CNC computer control

Numerical computer control is a modern concept in the manufacturing and manufacturing industries. However, the concept of CNC goes back to the original idea of NC or numerical control.


The difference between plasma cutting and inverter plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is the process of cutting through an electric conductor using a hot plasma accelerator jet. Common materials cut with plasma burners include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper, although other conductive metals may be cut. Plasma cutting is often used in textile shops, car repair, industrial construction, and rescue and percussion operations. Due to the high speed and precise reduction combined with low cost, plasma cutting is witnessing a wide range of applications from large-scale industrial CNC applications to small entertainment shops.


CNC drilling machine

For many industries, accuracy and efficiency are top priorities. By introducing CNC computer numerical control for metal drilling applications, companies across the board can obtain holes and other shapes with specified diameters and lengths, and provide their products and equipment with a universal set of parts that Ensures security.


Hot cut and cold cut

Hot cutting is done using a heat burner (plasma or oxy fuel) and is installed on the last axis of the multi-axis machine. The axles of the multi-axis device are powered by electric motors and are coordinated to create a path for the burner and the tube that creates the desired profile. Axis synchronization is done either mechanically, via low, levers and gears, or electronically via microprocessors and controllers.


Radox Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma in RADOX means a set of charged particles that contains approximately equal numbers of positive ions and electrons and exhibits some gas properties but differs from having an electrically conductive gas


What is a fiber laser cutting machine

hese devices will be used for cutting, engraving and rusting, which usually uses the numerical control type for laser cutting and engraving and hand-held devices for detoxification.


Plasma CNC Cuting



Laser beam machining

Laser beam machining