Drill CNC machine

Drill CNC machine

Dimensions:          All sizes upon customer request  

                                      6m * 2m      ,      12m * 3m       ,       26m * 6m and other sizes

Drilling material:    All metal sheets  

                                      (Steel, aluminum, etc)

Guarantee:            2 years guarantee 

After-sale service:  15 yeras   

Advantages of CNC Drilling: 

High accuracy and precision


Less percentage of sub-quality products

It can be combined with other machining operations

Operation of application software to facilitate work

Ability to control the speed of the engine and also the speed of the device in the relevant software

Ability to define several different zero points for the device  

CNC drill cutting machine is one of the most important machines used in industrial factories. With this machine, all kinds of drilling can be done with high precision in size of ten millimeters so drilling process can be delivered without any mistake.

50 mmMaximum hole diameter with HSS drill1
50 mmMaximum hole diameter with INSERT drill2
BALL SCREWDrive system3
AvailableMoving hydraulic clamp4
0.001Maximum control system error5
0.2Maximum error of machine6
0.2Movement accuracy of machine7
0.05Drilling accuracy of machine8
25000 mmMaximun linear speed of X and Y axis9
10000 mmMaximun linear speed of Z axis10
50 mmMaximum drilling diameter11
100 mmMaximum drilling thickness12
3000 rpmSpindle round per minute13


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HIGH PERFORMANCE RADOX DRILL machine with a very advanced and unique design is one of the most quality products of RADOX, which has the following capabilities on a variety of materials up to 300mm thick.


Ability to move on three axes

Very fast steering and very high precision drilling

Sensitivity to the placement and high accuracy of the spindle used in the device

Spindle tool can be replaced quickly

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