Straight line cutting

Straight line cutting

Dimensions:             All sizes upon customer request   

                                         3.5 m * 1.5 m      ,     7 m * 2 m      ,     13 m * 3m 




  3.5 m * 1.5 m

7 m * 2 m


13 m * 3m

Cutting material:       Steel, Alloy steel


Options:                  Making longitudinal and transverse cuts

                              Appropriate for belt production

                              interchangeable table 

                              Able to control the height of torches to reduce oxygen consumption by 40%

                              Having several gas heads

                              Possibility of adding X beveller 



Guarantee:               2 years guarantee 


After-sale service:    15 yeras    

The height control option of the torches makes it possible to change the height of each torch according to the distortion of the sheet independently, thus it saves the consumption of gas capsules and greatly increases the quality of cutting.

With a long history of manufacturing a variety of CNC cutting machines, RADOX has launched products for belt production (linear cutting), which is a great alternative to expensive equipment such as guillotine. This device can produce several belts simultaneously by having several air heads (the number can be change) and can be change to plasma heads.


The machine's beveling can create X, Y blows simultaneously along the straps, thus minimizing the process of preparing the belts for the next steps. Using the cross option, you can cut the belts in any length and adjust the length of the belts with high accuracy.

The height control option of the torches provides the ability to change the height of each torch in proportion to the sheet distortion independently, thus saving on the consumption of the gas capsule and greatly increasing the cutting quality.


 Applicant dimensions: 7 * 2 meters and 13 * 3 meters
 Air gas torch: (for cutting up to 300 mm thick)
 Movable table, Energy Guide, Z motor, spark plug and LM guide
 Linear motion guide and movements: LM guide (Linear motion guide Guide Rack and Pinion)
 Technical specifications of gauges: work range 1-10 Bar
 Technical specifications of magnetic valves: 6VA power
 Mechanism of transverse motion and vertical motion of torches: AC servo power 15w round 1400 rpm
 Technical specifications of 1-10 Bar work range regulator
 Mechanism: The longitudinal mechanism works with Linear Motions guidance and Rack & Pinoion drive.
 How to move (move) hoses in longitudinal and transverse directions is protected by an Energy guide