Spider device

Spider device


This model is called RADOX SPIDER CNC with the ability to move in 5 axes. It can be equipped with various cutting equipment such as plasma, water jet, Air gas . And ... . RADOX SPIDER CNC bases are equipped with vacuum and magnet for strong placement on surfaces so that cutting can be done with higher accuracy.

RADOX Engineering and R&D team, after extensive research and years of valuable experience in manufacturing and designing a variety of CNC cutting equipment, has succeeded in producing a portable model of CNC cutting machine that can be placed on a variety of curved surfaces for different cuts.

General RADOX spider CNC :specification

  Cutting different types of curved surfaces with different wall thicknesses
 by waterjet, plasma or air gas method (can be changed)
 Type of motors used by Ac Servo
 How to send maps by Flash Memory, LAN (network)
 Ability to adapt to CAD / CAM software or direct map entry from Auto cad software
  The operator inserts the modified maps into the machine and starts cutting
Ability to adhere to metal surfaces with different angles by magnet or
  vacuum method
 Ability to move 5 axes of cutting head
 Ability to install plasma torch, air gas and waterjet