Waterjet cutting CNC machine KMT (USA)

Waterjet cutting CNC machine KMT (USA)

Drive power:           11 - 75 kw and more powers

Pump power:          15 HP - 30 HP - 50 HP - 60 HP - 100 HP - 125 HP - 200 HP   

Pump Pressure:      Up to 6200 bar 

Dimensions:           All sizes upon customer request 

                                     3m * 2m     ,     6m * 2m   and other sizes 




3m * 2m

6m * 2m

Cutting material:     All materials                              

                                     (Steel, super alloys, titanium, aluminum, stone, glass, rubber, etc)  

Guarantee:             5 years CNC guarantee and 1 year Pump guarantee

After-sale service:  15 yeras



RADOX cutting machines can be used in wide variety of manufacturing industries such as:

      1) Automotive industry

      2) Aerospace & energy

      3) Shipbuilding industry      

      4) Oil and Gas industry

      5) Agricultural machinery

      6) Machinery manufacturers

      7) Home appliances and equipment

      8) Elevators & escalators 

      9) Electrical panels

     10) Lighting equipment  

     11) Heating and refrigeration industries

     12) Hospital & Lab equipment




With a comprehensive portfolio of high pressure pumps, KMT Waterjet Systems offers the ideal technology for every requirement – from occasional cutting needs to multi-shift operation. Basically, KMT distinguishes between the PRO series for working pressures of up to 6,200 bar and the pump models STREAMLINE SL-VI PLUS and STD, JETLINE JL-I and NEOLINE NL-I which operate in a maximum pressure range of 3,800 to approx. 4,100 bar.

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting at 6,200 bar  

Compared to conventional waterjet cutting at 4,100 bar, the increased maximum pressure range features the following benefits:

Higher cutting speeds

Improved cutting edge quality

Lower abrasive consumption

Higher productivity

Optimized machine utilization

Improved conformality

Reduced delaminationWaterjet cutting capability:

Cutting all kinds of materials:

Iron, steel, aluminum, titanium, glass, composite, plastic, stone, wood and etc.




RADOX water jet cutters are ideal for cutting stone, glass, ceramic tile, granite, food, textiles, rubber, and foam, along with many other solutions. From steel cutting to paper cutting, almost no other technology provides this level of precision. Water jet technology makes cutting granite and metal cutting as smooth as cutting foam. 

RADOX uses KMT pumps. KMT manufactures water jet ultra high pressure intensifier pumps (UHP) with water pressurized up to 90,000 PSI | 6.200 bar. 

KMT line of waterjet intensifier pumps, pure water only or abrasive waterjet cutting nozzles, abrasive management systems, and waterjet parts/components are integrated with OEM waterjet machines, that have been proven reliable by thousands of worldwide customers using waterjet technology.